Monday, August 8, 2011

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I went to New York last weekend and only saw one play (Anna Kerrigan's The Talls at Second Stage Uptown) and one concert (Declan Bennett at Rockwood Stage 1). All that extra time should have given me plenty of time to write my review for The Talls, but as the show was still in its first week and I don't want to nitpick while it's in previews, I'm going to wait to review it after I see it again in a couple of weeks.

Since it's a short run and I'm tired of only recommending shows after they close, I just wanted to pop in to say how much fun I had at this play. As the youngest sibling of the very tall Clarke family, Timothee Chalamet steals the show, with both the best dialogue and the most hilarious delivery. Gerard Canonico (still the shortest actor in the cast even though Chalamet is just a high school junior) and (the much taller) Shannon Esper are delightfully awkward together, both physically and emotionally.

I laughed embarrassingly loudly during this show and spent much of the 80 minutes with a hand clamped over my mouth. Sure, it's broad comedy, but it has heart--and great 1970s-era costumes. If a bit of fluff and a belly laugh is what you're looking for, head up to 76th Street and see The Talls this month.

(This ended up being an accidentally Idiotic weekend. Canonico did his two shows at Second Stage then headed downtown to Rockwood to play drums for Bennett's CD-release show for the excellent Record:Breakup. The band also included his American Idiot pals Chase Peacock on bass and Jared Stein on piano. Sometimes my theater world feels very small. And that's just fine with me.)

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